Bilal el Zein

One of the foremost Arab composers of his generation. Bilal el Zein is a Lebanese musician, songwriter, composer and arranger. Murex D'or and several other awards have been signed under his name in the Middle-East region during the last 10 years. At 4 years old, he showed a great interest in music, however, over the years, Bilalʼs musical interests broadened. At 15 years of age he began playing keyboards professionally on stage with several bands, which made him more attached to the music business. Approximately at 18 years of age, he started arranging music, and since then he has made many unique songs with a great combination of Eastern oriental & Western music. This gives his work something special, a kind of compromise between both styles. He worked with most famous artists such as the legend Wadih el Safi, Fadl Shaker, Abdul Majeed Abdallah, and many others. In 2006 "Lebnan el Helo" was his biggest hit, first song written, composed and arranged by him. His work has expanded among artists since. He composed and arranged many hit songs for many artists such as Wael Kfoury, Fadl Shaker, Shirine Abdul Wahab, Melhem Zein, Ghassan Saliba, Nassif Zeytoun, Wael Jassar, Adam, and many others. In 2009 he composed and arranged the last song for the diva Warda el Jazairia "Iyyam", it was published in 2013. With his band, he preformed on stage with the icon Elie Choueiry in 2013 his biggest hit "Bektob Esmik Ya Bladi". Until now he is still working with top Arab singers and lately, he has achieved an award "Murex d'or" for best Arab song of year 2017. In 2018 Bilal moved to Sweden to start a new musical career in Europe.